In a country which prides itself as top producer of coffee but majority of citizens consume beer and tea,so is the country politics which goes against the grain, as a handshake between two political supremos-Uhuru and Raila- is given more  weight than the guiles,wiles and crafy hardiwork it hides and carries.

If a hand shake was a piece of Art to be deposited in Art house for a future sale then Raila’s handshake just prior to formation of coalition government,Nusu Mkate,in 2007,and the recent one with President Uhuru would fetch a tidy,astronomical sum -putting to shade such painting as Women of algiers by Pablo Picasso-in coming years,in any prime auction house in the world.We may now leave it for RAILA to figure out how he will preserve the hand and the shakes of both occasion for posterity and profit.

Recall,Raila, too shook hand with Moi where his then NDP party merged with KANU heralding the fall of old grand party KANU. The 24 years President Moi ruled albeit with an iron fist places his reign as the longest among all the Presidents who have resided at the house on the hill,but it is not lost to many people that as much as former President ruled the longest many Kenyans see the political dynamics of this country through the lens of two political dynasties: two political houses,the house of Kenyatta and the house of Odinga.

The house of Moi is lost to many pundits as less glamorously-Raise up your hand if you can tell which constituency Raymond Kipruto represent in the parliament,if at all you recall he is a scion of former President Moi?

The history of this country ,from as far as from the Lancaster conference which was negotiating for independence has been tied with the two names.And History has refused to loosened the grip the two political families have held the Nation with.

The Moi’s house may have diminished in political capital as the patriarch went into retirement and his sons have not being so dominant in local political scene as much as the two sons of the founding fathers.The Moi’s sons lack of drive in shaping the National political dialogue have allowed a king maker in name of Deputy President,Ruto, to emerge from most unlikely quarter- he is never ashamed to refer to himself as son of peasant-and many belief he is a heart beat away from the Presidency.

True, Gideon Moi is in the Senate but his voice is hardly,rarely heard.He seems so apprehensive of upsetting the apple cart as the ruling President was groomed by his father.Why former President Moi never saw it fit to groom one of his sons beat me.

Maybe their is an unwritten agreement between father and son not to stick the knife too deep into the President Uhuru administration.Curiously enough both the ruling President and his deputy were groomed by the retired President Moi.The younger Moi have never hidden his desire of fighting for President come 2022,where his main stumbling block will be one heavy weight political player, Deputy President, Ruto.

As it possible that Mr Moi may have been clawing back his political fangs due to a family, political,business, and even an gentleman respect not to rock Uhuru’s boat, come 2022,and Uhuru will be out of the race,and it will be interesting to see how the supremacy fight for control of Rift valley  spurs out.

As for now,the political re alignment seems to off the block.Though the Harambee house meeting between President Uhuru and Hon Raila caught many by surprise, many ignored the tell tale signs that such a meeting was on the table.First the ruling party told it M.Ps not to engage in politics, more so 2022 race,what a clever way of laying the ground work for such a meeting whereby the M.Ps  were to hold their peace once the meeting takes place as “we no longer talks politics but development”.

Have you not heard how the Duale’s and Murkomen’s of this world,certified bashers of Raila,have fallen over themselves praising the deal?For a month now Deputy President have been persuading the Jubilee stalwarts to go slow on politics.He knew what was cooking:wooing of Baba.

Take note how the rest of jubilee junior legislators who had it on their political menu to rail and rant at Raila have kept their tails between their legs. Have you heard those attack dogs  raining obscenities, unkind words,abuses,at the person of Raila. The gag have worked.

Next come Raila announcing that he is ready to meet the President at political function,a clue that the meeting was on the cards.But do you Remember the President saying,before the election, he was willing to meet Raila once the election was over?

Again, a smart move.Now he is on the throne,he calls the shot.It is telling who came to meet whom,at which residence. Harambee house is the President’s office.Holding the meeting at this office meant Raila appreciated the clout it carries.He appreciate the Presidency.

No doubt the incoming U.S.A secretary of state,Rex Tillerson, upped the stake for such a meeting.No one want to miss behave when the big brother is around. The political chieftains were to show a harmonised existence,even if it was for the camera, if not out of genuineness.Donors need a political truce and stability.

Mr Tillerson, met the President, but did he meet Raila? This reminds one of former U.S.A president, Obama who gave,a dismissive verdict when he met the then opposition political stalwarts.Could it be that the U.S.A have not moved out of that persuasion, that the opposition is but a wavering, bobbing formation ,which have not embraced it true call.

Now that the sons of founding fathers have buried the hatchet,the question remains, how long will the truce last?History:Their fathers were bosom buddies before the acrimonious fall out. Jomo Kenyatta wanted the country to face West,Odinga Oginga had sympathies for the East.

Now the sons seems conscious that they would not wish such a ruinous portion of History to repeat itself.You may have noticed that even after the provocative Raila’s oath, the security agent went hammer and tongs,on the schemers, and left Raila alone.It was a tactical move to manage the anticipated after effect shocks.

Now it too early to tell what the Harambee house meeting portent. But one thing is clear, Raila, is still a force to reckon, post 2017.As President Uhuru term comes to an end in 2022,Raila is determined to remains politically relevant,either in form of a massive political name,a kingmaker,or a presidential candidate.Forget the false unity put on now by opposition, as NASA, I see it not lasting long,a house of Babel,  opposition is.

Listen to Mudavadi and likes of Wetangula,shouting loud,that their were not informed of the Harambee house meeting, they were in the dark-well they have since shifted positions- well even the Uhuru park event,they were in the umbra,they told us.

Without doubt the move by the president was a master stroke,from such a capital move,he harvested a bagful of dividends.The elusive question of legitimacy was cleansed by the handshake. By agreeing to come to a common ground, it meant that the opposition doyen,has agreed on working relationship with the President. The animosity have withered between the two leaders.Now let talk development.

For the co principals the dice is cast,Raila’s ODM is not afraid to go alone.Whatever mischief they were to roll on Raila,he forced them hold the dirty end of the stick.

Will Raila’s move knock Ruto out of his perch?No at all,I believe, the Presidency is much more concerned with uniting the country at least for now, when the season for lethal politics arrive as we near 2022,then all pretence will be dropped for a ruthless fight.

Deputy President will be at the centre of such fight as he chasing his dream of ascending to presidency.He can hardly afford to make enemies now.Even Raila.He knows he must keep him close. In a political landscape where betrayal comes thick and fast, and politicians enjoys the prerogative of a harlot-their only constancy being inconstancy, promises broken at will-Ruto knows too well that he cannot at this juncture antagonise a Raila for political alliances are fickle.Raila may make his team come 2022.

And Raila was not too sly a fish to evade the hook.


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