• It is not the sensuous appeal or the flavour of someone that count, or the size of one’s endowment, financially so to speak, which tarry, for more often than not obsession with these lead to a ruinous relationship, No! It is what remain matters, once the fore mentioned properties are stripped naked out of one’s self, and nothing remains standing but a pure heart. Only then shall you be in position to peep through the window of your beloved heart.
  • Throw not good money after bad money merely because the granary is overflowing with coins. Use your money like your undergarments, few in number but they serve you in all seasons, you are never in a hurry to rent them to the public. They religiously cover your “essentials” and basics however overstretched they are, so should be the use of money, fiercely guard you earnings. Sometimes though one is forced to share the inner wears with one’s spouse, so should money, in order to cover the financial nakedness of one’s family.
  • Strive to live inside your strides; you can not fit inside someone else skin. Hug your skin however dented or wrinkled it is. Hang to it and so to life.
  • Collect yourself however unsound your friend’s argument sounds, suspend your judgement, remember, they too are trying to make a meaning out of the world around them. Their seemingly lousy arguments enable them navigate life treacherous waters, that how they accommodate the world, assert order over chaos.
  • In many of the life’s fields , which you have failed, in most of cases one ingredients stand missing: patience. Cultivate a mature patience. Double eyed patience.
  • Strength of a rich sound, strength of muscles, cannot outrun, out do, incubated wisdom. Heed it
  • Noble things in life are priceless and material wealth cannot source them, free self from exaggerated tastes, access the priceless gem of life.
  • Tame your tongue, watch how it enjoy to carry the unrefined, assisting in chewing curds and bellowing, yet it staged a coup d etat over more vital organs (heart, kidney, liver) and installed itself as their dictatorial spokesman, for each and every body parts, it speak on its behalf. Do you life mirror the tongue or heart?
  • The tongue outrun bony legs and outstretched arms, fix it to the root and roof, like the eye in its orbits, and just like a faithful spouse, it will never fail you in its duties.
  • Your life began as single cell, unperceivable by the eye, wasted is life spent on hyena like self interest, like a tree which too sprout out of single seed to give rest to wretched birds of human race, provide a shade for worn out bodies, be a beam onto which the less fortunate can lay a foundation, be a launching pad of the rocketing ambitions of the vulnerable.
  • The high and the low in the material world are made of same stuff, from depth of ocean, to peak of mountain the worlds mirror one another, nothing is new, so do not crudely succumb to over excitement or to melancholy or dour spirit, that seemingly insurmountable challenge facing you is not new but maybe fresh to you, up your resolve, many have cut through those trials, you too shall.
  • Remove sugar from life’s rhythms, again lift the cup of life. Can you drink it dubious? If not then you were after the sugar not the drink itself. Do away with the teaspoons of sweetening a falsified living. Do not compromise your robustness, soberness of life by spicing it with disease inducing styles of life and artificial sweetness of wayward living.
  • Life is a match, you may be destined to be a goalkeeper, if life shapes you as midfielder or defender, play you part too, but let the heart remember, if you huff and puff, stress and strain, rail and rant, rage and reprove, as you are used to, wait and watch how goals shall rain in your life’s net.
  • To fend off the goals, cultivate a predator calmness, a sniper’s composure and a saint’s balanced mind. Keep it in the innermost temple of your mind, that, it is your duty to stand up to unfounded fears which keep you away from your life goals, banish them all, life stumbling hurdles, before the goalposts of life.
  • Move out of your feathered nest, pursue the one lined with thorns, the irritating piercing of thorns will undoubtly drive you to make life charging decisions, mount hilly odds, and achieve dreams which seemed so remote to you while you were cuddled in your feathered nest. Move out the way, your are, your own stumbling block. Mind you, roses sprout out of thorns.
  • Everyone has got a talent, if you have not discovered your gift, wander for miles, climb mountains of life challenges, swim under unending oceanic currents of life’s struggle, sprint barefoot on life scorching sands of trials, search in every corner, squeeze in every life’s opening, drive through life’s faultline,Do everything but search. You will ultimately catch it, find it. Only then shall you start living for prior to this you just existed.

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